Thursday 28 May 2015

Tutorial Thrusday - Anypose Expression Hud

Today I thought I'd talk about something I feel all avatars should have.

Anypose Expression Hud is something everyone should own, if they take photos of themselves often. I use it a lot as a designer, as well as a blogger. Casual Photographers should have this too, if you take a lot of profile pics of yourself, or lots with loved ones.

This hud is very  simple to use, Facial Expression are to the left, going down. When you select an expression, a little X will appear in the box beside it. This way you know what you have activated. With the expansion of many mesh bodies on the market, I don't use the hand positioning anymore, but there might still be those of you who find it useful. I use to use the fist a lot, for holding things, like swords.

Hud when it is closed on your screen. It is very small. I normally position it to my top left of the screen. It isn't distracting at all.

At the very top are a few buttons that help with resizing and closing the hud. The X button will actually detach it from you.

More photos and tutorial continuation after the break.

Where this hud really comes in handy is the eye positions.

Have you ever tried to take a shot, and you avi wont stop following your mouse or blinking like she has a contact out of place?

Well this hud is the one for you! Haha, never again will those peepers be out of place. 

Now expressions are fun too. Sometimes they wont work all that well with the shape of your lips, so make the adjustments you need, and save the shape as a expression only version.

Now, looking at my eye position in this shot, you can see it isn't very realistic with the positioning. This is not the fault of the hud, it is more the size of the eye I have on. Put on a smaller iris, and the positioning will be more believable. An eye with a lower lightshine would also work better in this case.

Here I have chosen to look cross-eyed and afaid and certain expressions wont work well with your addon eyelashes. You can either reposition them, or choose to wear a makeup layer lash for the shot.

Sometimes when using the hud, if your avatar is trying to blink, you can get caught in mid blink. Sometimes your eyes fully close, which I like to use for artistic shots. Sometimes things get wonky, like above. All you have to do is click the Stop Sign on the hud, with the E in the middle. It'll reset your eyes. The H one does the same for the hands.

The best part about this hud is that it is free. You don't have to spend a bunch of Lindens, and can have make your pictures more realistic.

Get your copy of the hud HERE.