Sunday, 7 December 2014


  Some good things about sitting at the computer are relaxing, chilling out in just undies if you feel like it and no one has to know, etc.  Not fun things are cats laying on the keyboard and maybe falling asleep at the computer if you stay up too late.  If these things are ones you have experienced you may like parts of the look I have done below.  Enjoy!

Computer Keys Furniture: Circa @ Silly Seven (key textures are changeable!), 77L
Shirt: Somnia @ Silly Seven (many colors included via HUD), 77L
Lingerie Set: Alaskametro @ anyBODY , free
Socks: Aphrodisiac @ anyBODY, 5L (includes a whole bunch of other stuff!!)
Hair: Mina @ The Arcade, 75L gacha
Skin: The Skinnery @ The Arcade, 75L gacha
Eyebrows: Adore&Abhor (part of the Mix and Match set)