Friday, 7 February 2014

14 Lions

  MiaSnow, one of my favorite creators of all time in SL, has a new skin line out.  To celebrate she has put out this lovely version for only 1L.  It's so cute!!  I can't wait to get some money because then I plan on buying the whole line, seriously.  Om nom nom.  Anyway, lol, the store she is currently selling her skins at is called Mia14.  She named it this way so when you go to organize her skins over the years you will easily know which year it's from.  Plus, it's fun!!
Gold Lion...Silver, Actually.
  My necklace is from Luminary at The Surreal Complex.  I am loving this event because the items are so creative and unique.  Some people really went with the theme and I love that.  This necklace includes both gold and silver versions to match your look.
  My hair is from Alice Project at the Thrift Shop and will be 50% off for the duration of the event.  AP makes some of my favorite hairs so if you want to try the store out you can do it now for a discount.  Sweet!
Skin: Mia14, 1L
Hair: Alice Project @ The Thrift Shop, 50% off
Necklace: Luminary @ The Surreal Complex, includes gold version as well, 100L
Eyes: Inkheart, 9L
Pose: Marukin, you can't really see it but I am trying hard to credit all my poses so :P