Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Welcome Christmas Come this way

There comes a time in every relationship where one member tests the love of the other. Okay maybe not but Snow and I have reached this point. I love snow as much as any lil kid you could find and gosh darn it a few delayed flights and cancelled appointments aren't enough to defeat me! ^_^ That's my long way of telling you I'm sorry for being gone so long and hopefully it won't happen again on the way home! Now onto the goodies!

After a month off, WetCat group gifts are back with a vengeance! The super cute Welcome Christmas gift that I'm showing is just the start as Gold members will also get access to gifts at a winter blowout which is upcoming. Yay! The best part of being away from Second Life is definitely the coming back to goodies! So many designers are being crazy generous and today I'm showing you 3 more of em. NS Cutie Store has another super cute HUD-driven gifty - this winter jacket. It's sorta dress-like and super cute as always. Contraption is also feeling the generosity of the season (and relief of the semester ending) and gave this crazy-high-quality hat as a gift to group members. Finally these boots are another adorable gifty from N*Core! Phew! 


Pose w props - WetCat Welcome Christmas (0L gold member group gift - fee to join)

Coat - NS Cutie Store Winter coat (1L group gift)

Hat & birds - Contraption Play's Shako hat & Snow kiwis (0L group gifts)

Boots - N*Core Christmas Boots (0L group gift - fee to join)

Hair - Ploom Pea candy