Thursday, 19 December 2013

Manly Man of Manliness

  OK, so, my man alt might not exactly be the, uh, most stereotypical male specimen but he's awesome and kind of a creeper and will drink all of your coffee.  Aww yes!
  There are lots of good male and unisex finds lately and so little time to blog them but i wanted to make sure to get this one out because the pieces after tough, sexy, classic, and/or silly.  Check out the details below! WORN:
Jacket: XIAJ, gift in notices, multiple colors, only in small size, other sizes for sale at Kustom9
Hair w/Hat: Ronsem, group gift in store, unisex, color change (found it HERE, NSFW)
Pose: Expressive Poses, free,  part of a set
Cigarette: Elrozzo McDonell, free
Skin: MiaSnow (not sure if still available)
Mustache: Antebellum (not sure if still available)