Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Love of a ballerina and a Cactus...

is clearly a precious thing! ^_^ So I was at The Thrift Shop, feeding my terrible gacha addiction, when I came across these super cute poses from Vanity Poses! I'd had this ballerina outfit kicking around in my head for awhile and this pretty much sealed it for me.

A warning about this tutu dress - the alpha didn't fit my shape at all so you may need to do some shape adjusting to make sure you're all covered. Time to dance off into the sunset with my darling Cap'n the Cactus!


Pose #1 and props - Vanity Poses @ The Thrift Shop So I Dance (75L)

Pose #2 - Mein Candy Corn - Close (Gacha at the candy fair not sure if still available)

Dress - Fo*Fun Pastel Dress (5L)

Shoes - Isis Bellic Ballet Shoe w Warmers (2L Two of a Kind hunt)

Cactus w hearts - Tenacio Cactus Love (0L - Giant wall of gifts!)

Hair - Ploom Squirrel Indecisive

Skin - Filthy Lola 3 (75L gacha)

Spinny Heart - Nore Spinny heart (0L)