Wednesday, 13 November 2013


  Okay so I know it can make people uncomfortable to see armpit hair.  I really do.  I just saw this pose and was like "that needs pit fuzz."  I personally would never shave if it was socially acceptable, not gonna lie.  I do though because, well, societal pressure, etc.
  ANYWAY this skin does NOT have armpit hair. LOL.  I just got happy in Gimp.  This is from a new-to-me store called New Faces.  It's a Halloween gift and is in the store, sort of near the entrance.  The eyebrows are also a gift.  Check the notice for the gift, which contains several colors of the glitter brows on a tattoo layer.
  I found this hair on Cherie's blog HERE.  She's a great contributor o the Free*Style FLickr pool so check her out.  It's an older gift apparently and I am not sure how I missed it this long. LOL.  You have to kind of search around the store to find it since it's a bit hidden in a little box.
OK So Yeah
  My necklace is a group gift from Hate Me and Eat Me.  Can we just say that I love that store name?  Every time I blog them I smile at the name, haha.
  More details below!
Skin: New Faces, gift in store (armpit hair is photoshopped on, sorry lol.)
Eyebrows: New Faces, group gift in notices
Necklace: Hate Me and Eat Me, group gift in store
Hair: Uncleweb, group gift in store, kind of hiding
Eyes: T I A, 10L
Pose: Luba