Sunday, 24 November 2013

Some people call me Maaaauuuuuuurice Woowoowoooooooo

Ever since Sn@tch put out their new fishing outfit 'The Rambler' I've had that Joker song stuck in my head. Terrible I know but what are ya gonna do? Other than fish of course!

There's more to the outfit than this so go check it for yourselves. Also a big thank you to Ferryn Myriam who kindly donated her extras to this post! Yays generosity! Also out recently is this mega-adorable hair from Little Bones. If you aren't already in her group get in it! ^_^ These cute lil bows are another free gift from Cubic Cherry Kre-ations at the Acid Lily Gallery. Several creators have made some super cute gifts so hurry over if you get a chance.

Finally this cute lil backpack which you can't really see in the above photo is from PopTart. They are having a huuuuge sale where some of their gachas are marked down to 15L and a lot of their items are marked down to 50L. I've gone broke there several times since it started and may do so more by the end of the sale on Dec 10th. Hope you're having a fun weekend! ^_^


Outfit - Sn@tch The Rambler (0L fish for this outfit 23 pieces total)

Hair - Little Bones Dalliance inkpot (0L group notices)

Bows - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations @ Acid Lily Gallery Creepy Cherry Ribbons (0L Acid Lily group gift)

Backpack - PopTart Baby Bat backpack (50L - huge sale!)

Top pose - Bang! The Cube (was 50L friday gift, now 150L but keep an eye out!)