Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Zone

Here we see Sileny, a simple grocery store clerk, out on a weekend trip to the nearby woods.  We see next an apple tree and a tent, a horror in blood, a rustling coming from inside.  A choice is to be made: run away for help immediately or check inside the tent for survivors, possibly saving a life, but risk finding someone or something else.  For some the choice is clear, for others not so much.  For Sileny all choices will lead to the same destination.  Welcome, Sileny Noel, to the Twilight SLone.
the zone
Tree/Tent and Backpack: Paper Moon @ Mad Pea Lennon Park Massacre hunt event, prize.  To do the hunt/event you must purchase a Hud for 200L.  The Mad Pea events are always super cool and totally worth the hud cost.  Lots of vendors have gifts in the event.  It's especially worth it for those who like stories!
Pants and Hoodie: Auxiliary
Hair: Chemistry
P.S.- This hunt costs 200L because it takes a ton of work to set up and the land costs for it, everything, need to be covered.  This is ust as much about the experience as he items.  Standing around the landing point and complaining about the cost only makes you look like a tacky, greedy, rude person.  OK, sorry, rant over.