Friday, 6 September 2013

Shop Free*Style Fridays - Look 4

This week's Look from Shop Free*Style is here! 

 I have been off on vacation and doing a bunch of Gacha items, but I took the time to get this post up today, even if it is a bit late.


Please Note

The frame-like pose piece is a gacha item, the itels sadly aren't transferable, so please be aware of this when budgeting for play. I think there is about 12 colours of this prop.


Shape - Census - Alena Shape size Small - L$10
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum
Skin - Cupcakes - Amelie Skin/Ginger Tone - L$50
Eyes - Banana Banshee - Roses Eyes in Indigo - L$5 per play Gacha
Lashes - La Sylphide
Makeup(Lips) - a.e.meth - Luxe Lipstick in Scarlet - L$20 per play Gacha RARE
Nailpolish - Rezlpsa Loc - Poppy Nails - L$5 per play Gacha
Shirt - Sleeping Koala - Dip Hem Birdy Tshirt - L$0
Skirt - Elate - Lily Skirt - L$0
Kneehighs - Izzie's
Boots - Duh! - Suede Ankle Boots in Black - L$1
Crown - Dilly Dolls - Hearty Crown Free*Style Edition - L$25
Clutch - Le Poppycock - Petit Sca in Crescendo -

Wall Art - Noble - Kiss Me Goodnight 3d Wall Decal - L$0
Pose Prop - Icons of Style - The Object in White - L$10 per play Gacha

Pose - Forget Me Not - Basic Pose 3 - L$10