Thursday 15 August 2013

Crimson Delight

I've been meaning to show you all this lovely Group Gift from Lazuri for a while now, but kept making other outfits(which I have yet to blog as well).

So this is just a quickly, but still a goodie!

To see the whole look, why don't you view my post at Its only Fashion, the place where I blog my full priced acquisitions.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Declaloop in Totem - N/A
Skin(Which you can't actually see) - Plastik - Astrali Skin in Dha'Lli Drow - Not Free
Eyes - Void - Venom Eyes in Red - L$25 (Discounted Sale)
Lashes - Mayamaya Creations - Spring Heart in Lovely Volume - N/A
Makeup 1(Blood Half Body Layer) - Fallen Gods - Bloodborn - Not Free
Makeup 2 - Mon Cheri - Lace Makeup and Black Sheer Lipgloss - L$0 @ The Black Fair
Makeup 3(Liner Smears) - Pin Me Down - Tilli in Black - Not Free
Makeup 4(Lipstick) - Mon Cheri - Red Glossy Lips - L$0 @ The Black Fair
Jewelry - Lazuri - Delia Set in Ruby - Group Gift (Free to Join)

P.S. Isabelli already covered the Mon Cheri Makeup HERE.