Friday, 7 June 2013

Week of Skins - Liliskins

I was surprised to find out that Tigerlily Koi was still on the grid and still creating. She may not be making hair anymore(She still has all her old hairs out tho, check out the Calla Sim!), but she does have a skin shop chalk full of lovely skins.

For those of you not as old as I, Tigerlily use to make hairs under the label of Calla. All her hairs were named after different flowers. She also use to have epic hunts around christmas, where you could get different styles in special and limited edition colours. I still have a box of her styles in my inventory, for nostalgia's sake.

She also took the sl grid by storm when she appeared nude on public posters as part of a campaign against content theft.

Okay, impromptu sl history lesson done!


Shape - Tigerlily - FREE SL Marketplace Gift
Skin - liliskins - FREE Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Hair - Evie's Closet - N'A
Eyes - Heaven's Gate - FREE Instore Gift
Lashes - Exodi - N/A

Pose - Bounce This Poses @ Shop Free*Style