Thursday, 30 May 2013

Her Morning Elegance

She woke in the morning to the smell of lilacs, cinnamon buns, fresh croissants, and the sound of the shower running. The toaster clacked, making the browned bread jump excitedly from the slots like a greeting. Good morning! The kettle whistled as the water began to boil.

She smiled, and swung her legs over the side of the bed and stretched. She wasn't one for mornings, but sometimes one comes along that is too good to miss. The sun shone in through the window, glistening on the golden railings of her breakfast cart. She gazed across the room, deciding what to work on today. Finish that short novel that was barely started. A sense of calm flooded her, the whole day ahead free to do what she pleased with it. She slipped into her clothing, adjusting the hem of her skirt, smoothing it over her hips. On her way to the kitchen, she snagged her necklace, pulling it over her head. She pulled her hair over her shoulder, finger-combing the early-morning tangles.

Whistling a sweet, aimless tune, in the key of steaming kettle, she poured the boiling water into the teapot, the bag of cinnamon apple tea already sitting, waiting at the bottom. The moment the water hit the bag, the spicy aroma wafted into the air, carried by the steam, streaming out of the teapot's spout. She took a deep breath in, savouring it. In a moment of epiphany, she turned to fetch a lemon. She cut it into slices and lay them on the saucers.

The bathroom door opened and closed, and she could hear the footsteps move into the bedroom. She smiled, and quickly set the food out, pouring two cups of tea, setting them out as well. She pushed the balcony door open, snagging the shears from the bench outside the door. She leaned over the railing and snipped a few lilac florets from the tree that grew right up to their apartment, then headed back inside. Moving across the room, she opened the cabinet of her love's fabrics and sewing bits and bobs. She stole a length of violet ribbon from the ribbon-box, and tied it around the stems. She closed the cabinet quietly. The footsteps exited  the bedroom, and she moved away from the cabinet, towards her typewriter. She turned as her love reached the living room, and smiled sweetly.

"Good morning."

Credits under the cut

-All credited items are from Arcade June 2013-

Apple Fall - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Floorplan - Antique Typewriter - Audrey
DIGS - Skyline Relief Block - Toronto
DIGS - Skyline Relief Block - Paris
Tres Blah - Vanity (full set)
Scarlet Creative - My Box of Poetry Books
The Arcade Plate (June 2013)
[Commoner] Photo Album / Love Story RARE
Schadenfreude Light Angel Dress Form RARE
[Commoner] Grown-Up Rocking Horse / Tribal (Blue)
Note: Artwork by Cake of A.E.Meth
: ) BCC . Emma Apple flat shoes Ivory enamel
aDORKable Poses: Blooms 2
Clawtooth: That Pretty Lady - Orange you glad
Emery - Mesh Crop T Shirt Aztec Smoke
tulip. High Waisted Denim Mini S Blush
[sYs] SOLAR necklace Rigged Mesh - blue / orange
[PF] Harley <Peach> - Arcade 02