Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fins and Metal Finery

I do not wear much jewelry in SL. As a RL designer, I tend to be picky with what I see in here, I think due to most of it being so symmetrical. Also it gets in the way when I make hair, and who would want jewelry overshadowing their products in an ad? 

I have enjoyed Finesmith's designs, I think due to a lot of it being NPIRL (not possible in real life) and the fact that 1/2 of their pieces aren't perfectly mirrored. There is also metal options in most cases, so you aren't stuck with a design that you would have loved more had it been in gold. Why SL is so filled with silver jewelry, i don't understand.

Why am I blabbing about all this?

Finesmith has their VIP group open for a week, until March 7th. This is group normally comes with a pricey join fee, so I would say hop on in it while you can. It is worth it, as there are two gifts a month, first dibs on notices on the various discounted events they are in and VIP discounts from time to time.

Here is a close up of the New Years set that is still out. While you are joining, go on to the store and grab it. Not sure how long the gifts that are currently out will stay so remember to go to the store to join. If you want to join ahead of time, you can do so in search, or look me up, Helena Stringer, and click the group straight from my profile, it is near the bottom.

Now, I am really excited to show you this find! Well the two of them, yes there are two awesomesauce things I found on SLM. One is this lipgloss. It is the best I have in inventory, and the fact that it is free is crazy. The Designer offering this up is Beyond Sinister. Seems she had a store, and is now reopening. She only has this gloss and a dress up on SLM so far, but I will be watching to see what else pops up. Maybe if we all rate this gloss she will make some more items for us? Just a thought.

Secondly is this mer set. When not designing, or in my own demony form, I do enjoy me some mer action. I tend to use a land AO, so I slither around on the ground. It is very fun to shop in, hehe, freak out the fashionistas at the hotspots! Anyways, this tail, tho in a dreaded colour, ick! is nicely detailed, so much so that I am wearing the dreaded colour to show you the set!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend, and maybe this post will inspire you to wear something different and go find some cool water sims to play in =)


Skin - Orsini - Giselle in Dark/No Teeth Version - L$0
Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Septova in S.E. Coffee with Cream - L$0 Group Gift (Pay Fee to Join)
Eyes - Fossegrim - Blue Eyes - L$1
Lashes - Vizeni Designs - Star Lashes in Black/Medium - L$0
Lip Gloss - B. Sinister - Gloss 0.1 Revised - L$0
Mermaid Set - Taliesins Tails - Special Edition Chakra Lotus - L$0
Jewelry - Finesmith - Happiness New Years Set - L$0 Instore Group Gift (Free to Join until March 7th)