Monday, 25 February 2013

Pisces day

Hello everyone! Zodiac has started a few days ago and , as you know, this month's sign is pisces, which is an awesome sign, probably the best if you ask me... but today's my birthday so... do the math ^^.

For this occasion, I treated myself with a few new things, like these adorable little dresses from Evie's Closet, Elodie, 180l$ each, which is not exactly free, but when you know Evie's work, it's a steal. 

The new Free*Style Shop will be opening soon, and I took a peep to show you Pink Fuel's item for this amazing store that you'll want to visit and send all your friends to. Alena comes in 3 eyebrow colors for only 50l$.

With that very pisces look, I needed the perfect haircut, and I went to Exile grab something called "Beyond the Waves"... (not discounted)

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