Sunday, 24 February 2013

Of Carts and Undies

Well, my computer is not working well still and I have a feeling I will be in the store getting a new one soon.  Such a bummer.  One thing that cheers me up though is a good deal and if you are reading this blog you probably feel the same! :D  Good thing there are tons of deals and gifts lately to give us a tiny bit of cheer as the cold winter months drag on.  Or, if you are in a part of the world where it is summer, then it can keep you cheerful while you have to listen to everyone else complain about being cold. :P
carts and undies
I got my lingerie and my sweater at The Wash sim cart sale from Somnia at 10L a piece.  They each come in multiple colors so that's really cool.  My necklace is from Lasaki and it's not out yet!!  It will be out at Shop Free*Style in a gacha machine with other styles for 10L a try.  My lovely bow ring is from Olive and is a gift for SL Fashion Week group members.  Go to the event space and touch the box with your tag on to receive it.  My hair and skin are not free but they are both great deals so check out the details below!
Sweater and Lingerie: Somnia @ The Wash cart sale, 10L each (includes multiple colors in the packs)
Necklace: Lasaki @ Shop Free*Style, 10L gacha item (shop doesn't open until the 27th)
Ring: Olive @ SL Fashion Week, SFW group gift
Skin: Elysium @ The Dressing Room Fusion, 70L
Hair: Ploom @ My Attic, 95L per color pack
*Note that I heavily edited this picture to make it black and white and to fix lots of edges and yucky things because my graphics card is on the fritz and the raw shots weren't up to par.  I just felt obligated to say something since normally my pictures aren't edited much at all.