Saturday, 11 August 2012

Baroque style...

Hello! Poetic Colors just released a new series of eyes! They come in 3 sizes, 3 levels of white and of course with the system eyes and mesh. No demo available, but instead, even better : a free color. This exquisite shade of purple, Orchid, is simply stunning.
Once I had the eyes I had to match them with clothes and all, so I finally faced the crowd at Collabor 88 and one of the first things to rez for me was that dress from Chantkare. No need to say I bought it immediately (without even trying a demo, I know, baaaad, but I'm lucky it's standard sizing and fits me perfectly)

To understand my reaction to the dress, you need to see the picture below. The dress belonged to my grand-mother, who was always very elegant and fashionable, and she would wear it at cocktail parties and when she passed away my mom thought I'd like to have it. So yeah, this is me :

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