Monday, 7 May 2012

aztec mesh rainbow

FS113a FS113c FS113b

Hello F*S! OMG I love SL and MESH and rainbow!

I have discovered this store called Dirtyland and it's beautiful and cool and here is a free sculpted micro-miniskirt! It is supposed to be free for 3 days only but I have been logging in at the store for the past two days and it's still there, so possibly you should hurry. Check out the back of it, it's mad detailed! I also got these rainbow hair extensions for just 50L and they are so pretty. I had to attach two of them and it took ages to get them positioned right but after I'm done they look perfectly natural with my AO and most poses, so I doubt I'm ever taking them off.

I went and bought new makeup! Aztec eyeliner by Adore and Abhor is on sale for just 50L at the motif* event and I think the look is super exotic. Comes in fatpack of colors and I love it with all my skins. My lipstick is from MOCK cosmetics and MOCK has a ton of wearable demos and gifts! But I paid for my lipstick because I felt bad since I took so many free things haha. I love the color I bought. This Luxe Creme Lipstick in "fhqwhgads" is 60L and comes in several versions so that it fits most lips. And I'm wearing my daily Verna eyelashes from the Cheap Makeup gatcha because it makes me look like a Japanese doll.

Not free stuff include this perfect gold locket from Maxi Gossamer, her items are very worth it because they come with a ton of options. (Group gift heart earrings in the Maxi Gossamer group!) And the prettiest Grindhouse corset from Sn@tch. Also my beloved GoS boots in pewter which I want in real life! And omg my first mesh hair, from Lamb, in the Mad Pack. I LOVE MESH AND F*S! Happiness is wearing all of my new and old favorite things.

micro-mini sculpted skirt, limited time group gift: dirtyland. 
rainbow hair extensions: dirtyland.
aztec eyeliner: 50L from Adore & Abhor at the motif* SL event
lipstick: Luxe Creme Lipstick in "fhqwhgads" from MOCK cosmetics, 60L but a ton of free lipsticks and makeup at the store. buy things!
eyelashes: Cheap Makeup gatcha. Cheap and beautiful!
Sn@tch Grindhouse corset: my favorite thing from Sn@tch ever
locket: Maxi Gossamer, 299L but mad realistic and comes with a jewelled skull necklace and earrings. But I just bought it for the perfect best most wonderful prettiest heart locket in SL. Join the group for gift heart enamel earrings!
hair: Lamb, Brand New Lover in Mad Pack. SO good.
boots: GOS pewter boots that I want in real life.
poses: Marukin she is often in special events so subscribe to get good deals on some great blogger-friendly poses!
tattoos: actchio. on marketplace only, please update your links to.. the marketplace link xD