Monday, 16 April 2012

Fashion for you House

'Cause they need lubbin' too!

At FreeStyle we have always been about a good deal, and often times gravitate towards the fashion that is created inworld. Everyone needs clothing(well, for the most part), but not everyone has a place to call their own.

I could say the same for myself, always opting to put extra prims in the store, over having a place for my own. This was why my store has been many things over the years, as I decorate it instead of a house. It was once a big jewelry box! That was my fav, hehe.

I did however grab myself a linden home, when they were first hitting the grid. I had an extra 512 after my purchase of my Lyashko plot, so why not, eh?

Alas, even then I was a bad home owner, and didn't really do much. I had a stack of books I could sit on, and a trunk that took up most of my prims, because I thought it was beautiful!

Well finally I have a few things shoved in there, and here is what I have to show you today!

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Fashion for your House1

This is the Depraved Spring Madness Hunt gift from [CIRCA]. It fit into this space perfect, and off camera is another one seater that matches. Cherelle Capra, the designer of [CIRCA], is being kind enough to leave this out an extra day(as the hunt ended on the 15th). I was having issues with SL all weekend, and didn't manage to get any of my posts up in a timely fashion.

Thanks Cherelle!

The table is a Inworld Group Gift, you can find it in the notices. It matches really well with the hunt set.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Fashion for your House2

This you will find at The Nest, as a gift from [CIRCA]. I love it. I have always gravitated towards red and green things in sl(not together, I'm not Xmas all year round!). The plants are a nice vibrant colour, perfect thing to welcome people at my door, besides my boots.

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Fashion for your House3

I place this little birdhouse right above my little basket, beside my door. When I tp to my plot, I always end up behind the house, so I figured I'd never disturb the little bird living there. Yes it has a fall leaf, yes it is spring, but I LOVE fall! I have been snagging fall goodies of the Marketplace, maybe I will do a Halloween/Fall post in may, just to bugger with you all.

This was another gift at The Nest, by [CIRCA], again.

Do I want to you learn this label?

Maybe  . . . .

FreeStyle-Helena Stringer-April 16th-Fashion for your House4

[CIRCA] is also in the first Make House Over Hunt, which runs until the 5th of May. You get these two Sakura Blossom Tables, in two slightly different sizes. The candles on the smaller table are a gift too!

[CIRCA] Locations:

Aurora Vale - Depraved Spring Madness Hunt item(only for today) and Make House Over Hunt Item
The Nest - Basket and Birdhouse
Carwash - Candles