Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Mixin & A Matchin

Hewwos! Happy Thursday!
House of Xevion M&M Hunt Dress
I like this dress! It's the M&M2 hunt gift from House Of Xevion.
HolliPocket, Muka M&M2 Hunt Gifts
More cute M&M2 hunt gifts. The top is from Muka and the super low super cute jeans are from HolliPocket.
undefined lilies gifts
Kay for reals? How adorable are this necklace and brooch? They're both free gifts from undefined lilies.
::VMC:: M&M2 Hunt Gifts
One more M&M2 hunt gift! This outfit is from ::VMC:: Nice! There's also a sale there going on right now, all clothing is from 10L-20L.
Look 1
Dress - House Of Xevion - M&M2 Hunt Gift
Hair - Kin
Skin - LAQ
Lip Gloss - M.O.C.K. Cosmetics - There's a secret sale going on there right now, go and grab some deals.
Look 2
Top - Muka - M&M2 Hunt Gift
Jeans - HolliPocket - M&M2 Hunt Gift
Hair - TRUTH
Skin - Curio - Project FUR
Shoes - HOC Industries
Look 3
Necklace and Brooch - undefined lilies - The necklace is a freebie, the brooch is a subscribo gift
Look 4
Outfit - ::VMC:: - M&M2 Hunt Gift - Also a 10L-20L sale on clothing
Hair - TRUTH
Skin - Curio - Project FUR
Shoes - HOC Industries