Sunday, 5 September 2010

Swimming Away

I recieved a notice from the SWIM subscriber group that designer, Ianni Lane, is closing her store.  We've blogged SWIM several times over the year and a half the store has been around because Ianni does exceptional work and she is uber generous with monthly dollarbies, Midnight Manias, Lucky Chairs, Xstreet specials and hunt gifts.   SWIM is closing on September 12 and until then nothing is over 20 L.   Couples sets are 20 L (or 10L each).  There are several bundle packs for 5 - 10 L.  For current subscribers there are also member gift boxes stuffed full of unreleased swimsuits for both genders.  The catch is that it is for current members (at least 7 days) so you might be able to get them before the store closes but I make NO promises about that.  I can't even begin to imagine the texture upload costs on all that work, so I made sure to thank Ianni for her kindness and bought more swimsuits than my av will ever need.  This is not a sale that the guys should miss. Here is a sampling that I have paired with some of goodies from Hair Fair (LMs will be for correct sim).
SWIM: from the Golden Tiger Bikini Bundle: 5 L
Hair: Dernier Cri: Camelia: 0 or 1 L for all colors
Skin in all posts: LAQ: Tess2: Fair: not free
Swim: Polka Dot Bikini and Hip Shorts: 10 L
Rezlpsa Loc: Eliza in Dawn Pink: 0 or 1 L - this is a special version of one of her new releases and is so cute!

SWIM: Closing Group Gift: Turquoise/White Bikini - one of a billion options/colors: Subscriber gift (read above for details)
Hair: Curio: Babycake in Muted Pink: 0 or 1 L

SWIM: Black Seduction Monokini: 10 L
The most awesome bathing cap in the world: The U-Neek: Black - also comes with dreads version: 150 L