Sunday, 5 September 2010

New Stuff

Wow, the blog is on fire these days! My fellow bloggers here at FREE*Style have kept me busy shopping and freebie hunting. Along the way I've found a few great items myself. Check it out.

Group Gift Skirt

Here's the latest Vinyl Cafe Addicts group gift, a gorgeous sculpted skirt in azur blue. Grab it here. Other colors are available. I've shown it with the necklace top from Leezu, Shag hair (available at Hair Fair), and shoes by Maitreya (not free).

Group Gift Outfit

Bubblez Designs is having a reopening celebration and there are lots of great freebies in the shop. Grab this wild sculpted dress with butterfly sandals in store.

Group Gift Gown

This modern and dramatic gown is also free at Bubblez. Shown with Couverture hair. There are probably about 10 free outfits at Bubblez so make sure you check it out.

Free Top & Skirt

I put together this outfit with a top from Bubblez and this amazing September subscribo gift skirt from Miamai. Hair by Truth.

150 L Promo Sandals W/ HUD

I also wanted to show these wicked new silk stilettos with HUD, on promo for 125 L, this week only at Vinyl Cafe.

By the way my skin is the Tres Blah item for Designers United, a fantastic charity event going on until September 15th. There are tons of exclusive and unique items from top designers. They aren't free but this is for charity so its a great excuse to crack open your wallets. Check it out here.