Monday, 23 August 2010

GATO loves you!

I'm super excited because Lalu Bonetto of GATO invited me to make a post on her store! I've posted on GATO a few times because there are always great new gifts, not to mention the fact that everything in her store is less than 100L. She dropped her new releases on me, but I ended up going to her store and buying more haha. The only things I was given are the striped tops and the denim skirt, I bought everything else! CHEAP at less than 100L. hahah that's why I don't visit GATO all that often, my money will disappear.

Anyway GATO is honestly my favorite store ever because 1.) It's cheap and good 2.) I really identify with the store since Lalu always makes cool/unique things with my favorite kinds of prints, mostly vintage/floral/crazy/animals. It's very much my style! My only comment is that at times, the items don't come in all layers, but honestly it's only weirdos like me who wanna wear an undershirt, highwaisted skirt AND a cardigan all at once haha. You can check which layers are included before buying anyway, and even one layer is still a bargain.

I once commented to Lalu about having another layer for highwaisted skirts, and she actually dropped a folder with the extra layers on me. And I was a horrible whiner who asked for a demo for the Themeory monster skin and she offered to make one for me and I was so ashamed I just went and bought it lol with no regrets, I liked the skin. Hahahaha I apologize for being such a demanding customer, but never again! Anyway the point is that she's really really very nice and accommodating.

GATO now has an outlet store, so everything there is 50L or less, mostly 30-40L, also a group gift and 5L cheapies. There's also a GATO skins and shapes store!

muffler: 5L from GATO outlet store (giftbox in the window)
sequin vest: less than 50L at GATO outlet
(I bought this at full price before it was retired, heh)
hottie striped top: new release, GATO mainstore
shorts: part of outfit, GATO mainstore
rose floral socks: (omg looove) fatpack of several prints for 100L!

bed jacket: probably my favorite buy today. GATO mainstore, new-ish release
necklace: part of GATO themeory outfit, available at mainstore for 75L (includes dress, boxers and necklace)
dress: FTLO Science hunt gift at GATO, i love the numbers heh. Look for the blue robot. It's pretty easy, but you need to walk around the store in case the robot doesn't rezz.

JE SUIS jewellery by Julia Merosi: une princesse jewellery set. Not free, but I really wanted to mention this jewellery I've been wearing because it's pretty affordable, detailed and customizable to any color and metal. It's 150L for a pair of earrings, which I thought was a good deal because you can even input the exact color that you want them to be/change the color on individual gems.

Also wearing gacha eyeliner by Cheap Makeup! It's only 40L per play and some of the eyeliners come with lashes. Definitely the best value for 2.0 makeups that I've seen.

Sunny Soon
skin - Devon Aoki group gift skin

nails: MStyle, the red set of these nails is 1L.
jewellery: JE SUIS by Julia Merosi, not free
GATO loves you heart romper: group gift at GATO mainstore!

muffler: 5L from GATO outlet (gift box in window)
top: new release from GATO mainstore!
denim highwaisted skirt: new release from GATO mainstore!
leggings: 5L from GATO outlet (gift box in window)
floral rainboots: 50L from GATO mainstore, I love the print!

All poses by marukin!