Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Different Sort of Ship

I'm normally off on a different sort of ship. You know, the kind that goes around space? but that is another tale to tell.

This one is of Pirate Helena!

It's not often a woman of my caliber crashes anything. Specially a ship, but it does happen from time to time, normally after a few centuries of boredom.

What you need when you decide to do something like this is a hot little outfit to win over the locals!

Too bad where I decided to crash it was home of foot tall furry critters all running around and fishing. Still to this day this world amazes me. Wonder if they would be yummy to eat? *ponders*

To appease the denizens of your new home, you must have something on your body. Deviance is the place for costumes of all sorts, and there is more then a few in the Lucky Cupcake(Like this Pirate Costume, previously blogged a year ago in the pink version) and some others in the Lucky Chair. Surreal makes wonderful garments that are constantly on this blog, she is generous, talented, and a dreamer at heart.

Next to be a real pirate you need your eyepatch. Do you really NEED one? NO. Do you really WANT one? Yes!

But why go normal, go all out! This eyepatch is a special gift from Actuate Eden to celebrate their new store. Thank the gods it wasn't pink, I'd have cried!

Now you could wear the hat that comes with the outfit . . . or you could grab this one that is currently in the Rad Minds Hunt. You never can have enough pirate hats right? Morrigan Denimore of The Black Canary made this little beauty. There actually are 2 versions, so more fun for you.

As with most things, I'm not totally right. A far bit of strange was to be had on the sea in my merry vessel. If your something otherworldly, but like to fit in somewhat and must be in more human appearance, eyes are the way to go. They really can give that one element of "odd". Let everyone know who you really are, Eh?

Here are 2 other possible versions to show off your Wild Side.

And as any eye whore will say, I just can't get enough eyes. MiaSnow is also in the Rad Minds Hunt. She has a set of 7 peepers for you. I'm wearing this one cause well it ties it all in. Can't ever be enough blue.

This wonderful skin totally is not free, but it's only L$100 right now at Cupcakes. Yes . . . The Stringer shops at Cupcakes. The name might have deterred me if I didn't just adore Mimi so much. Hope your doing great with your new babe, I know I am.

ARRRRRG! Get the loot:

Skin-Cupcakes-L.E. Dahlia in Sienna Tone/Earthy Makeup(L$100 for a limited time)
Eyes 1, 2 and 3-XYR-Multicolour Eyes Pack(L$0 on Xstreet for a big mixed pack)
Eyes 4-MiaSnow-Elite Eyes(Rad Minds Hunt)
Eyepatch-Actuate Eden-Efflorescence in Teal (L$0)
Hair-The Stringer Mausoleum-Sacrifice in Pelorous(not free)
Hat-The Black Canary-The Aesthete Hat Set(Rad Minds Hunt)
Outfit-Deviance-Pirate Mate in Teal(Lucky Dip Cuppycake)

Now a bit about the Rad Minds hunt. The items are priced at L$20 so keep tis in minds when you go searching. There is a preview of all the hunt items on the Rad Minds Blog. Click HERE! to view the site.

Photos taken at Loco Pocos

*runs off to find someone to eat . . .erm "Play" with*