Thursday, 8 July 2010

twinkle night bazaar

The twinkle night bazaar has a ton of amazing things from all my favorite well-known japanese/korean/asian designers, don't forget to take this chance to get some beautiful, sculpted dresses at not more than 50L! It ends on 11th July.

Also. I have spent a lot of money on Albero gacha fair, a lot of great deals there too! Someone please sell me if you have the Barcode shelves, I want the first two shelves on the poster. I spent 1.2k on that one gacha............................... I am now going to be very thrifty for the next few months! or time to buy linden hahah

Don't forget to check out the Beetle Bones yukata/japanese kimono (booth is here), I think this is a particularly good buy for 50L - I'm in love with the sculpted ribbon and just generally the whole look. I love walking around SL in kimonos/yukata!

Also check out Tesh's post on the twinkle night bazaar here! :D

skin: Umeko by Imabee, stem/pale-medium tone. Group gift/hunt item makeups of Umeko available!
Poses: marukin, 100L per set.

skin: Umeko by Imabee, stem/pale-medium tone in peach makeup, not free.

headband: WHEEEE I managed to win the "night picnic" red tartan headband from MayoNaise's gacha! It's just 30L per try, my favorites are the red tartan and the "pink flower under the sky", the vintage floral one! so good. booth here

beautiful cropped top: from u.f.o gacha at albero gacha fair, 50L per try but this sculpted top is really worth it! It has a floaty sculpted bit and the straps are sculpted roses. I played this gacha a few times :D this color is called "first kiss".

bag: MayoNaise gacha bag at albero gacha fair! 35L per try I think. lots of different designs!

skirt: part of vintage dress from u.f.o mainstore.

hair: kik, 2-color pack of hair for 50L. I loooove the hairs available at twinkle night bazaar. CHEAP AND all my favorite styles! It's like 50L friday for asian designers hahah
duboo supermarket shoes gacha at albero, 15L per try. These are my favorite strawberry ones!
stockings: aoharu, not free

vintage floral headband: MayoNaise gacha. finally managed to win this one!! At Twinkle night bazaar only. booth here
dress: Twinkle night bazaar exclusive from MayoNaise, 50L. booth here
tattoo: actchio GSH hunt gift
rainboots: u.f.o. gacha at albero gacha fair, "secret" color! 50L per try.
socks: Atomic, was a themeory item previously

skin: Umeko by Imabee, stem/pale-medium tone in gerber makeup, not free.
kik hair, 50L for 2 colors at twinkle night bazaar
earrings: 7L from love soul at twinkle night bazaar
tomoto corsage: 20L per try at twinkle night bazaar

skin: Umeko by Imabee, stem/pale-medium tone in gerber makeup, not free.
beetlebones yukata at twinkle night bazaar: love love love. 50L. This looks like a lot of sculpts for just 50L haha. booth is here
bracelet worn: 5L gacha from Calia Pearl's store called loveme, at twinkle night bazaar! soooo cuteeee. love the colorful bracelets!! gacha is here!
hair: love soul, exclusive version for twinkle night bazaar, 50L. loves this hair!!!
slippers: freeeeee. from dg at twinkle night bazaar.
bag: free from nonko

skin: Umeko by Imabee, stem/pale-medium tone in notre dame makeup, not free.
yukata: 50L from beetlebones at twinkle night bazaar. booth is here
hair: kik, 50L at twinkle night bazaar (includes the headband)
stick-thingy poking out of the hair: free from kik at twinkle star bazaar
bag: albero gacha fair, 30L per try