Thursday, 8 July 2010


**All poses by marukin, 100L for a set of poses!

skin: Umeko by Imabee, stigma/tan tone in pacific ocean makeup. Another two makeups are available as a group gift and hunt gift!

dress: Nushru from Song Lyric Hunt, look for the music note. It's pretty straightforward, right in front of you haha. Thanks Quiver for making it easy! And for the prettiest dress!

leggings: Song Lyric hunt, gift from actchio. Very easy. It's in the umbrella. It's mine so I can tell you where it is! YEEESSS. rocks.
faded tattoo: gift from Good Shit Hunt, actchio. It's in the soda bottle in the lamp. It's not SUPPOSED to be very hard because the soda bottle is sticking out! Please tell me if you think it's hard haha.

hair: Ay.Line opening gift hair, color change hairband!

clouds rainboots: from one of my favorite stores, u.f.o. summer bazaar, 50L special.

nails: MStyle. One color is free(1L) in the corner on the right. The pack of 4 sets of nails is going at 350L for some really beautiful, high quality nails! One set is 150L. The nail packs usually retail for 800L-1100L or more, so I thought this was a great deal. I bought the whole pack lol. Get the 1L nails and check out the quality. Plus the ribbons are irresistable!

skin: Umeko by Imabee, stem/pale-medium tone in rainforest makeup.

hair corsage: 13L jewellery gacha, *Ticky Tacky*. Wearing these pretty jewelled hairbands with the umeko skin makes me feel like a korean girl :D these are probably my favorite things that narita of *ticky tacky* has ever made!

Nushru Allegra dress in black: not free, but the turquoise version is 50L for RFL. Quiver is always generous with hunt and group gifts, and she's donated the nicest color of every single one of her newest releases to RFL charity - I hope you consider taking a look at her pretty things and getting some dresses if you like them. I looove her work and I bought a few dresses. I should buy more. OHH and the newest dress is 30% off and 100L per color, so take advantage of that deal before it's gone!

hair: ay.line hair gacha

earrings: Dark Mouse subscribo gift - you can only get the gifts if you are a current member of the subscribo, so please click the subscribo to be in the group for wonderful monthly gifts!
Mother Goose socks: 1L for fatpack. (check the shed with a ton of 1L gifts)
shoes from buttons by Meila Solo. I think there's a dollarbie available.
nails: freeee nails from MStyle! SOOO PREEEETTYYYYYY. okay they're 1L, but so worth it!