Tuesday, 20 July 2010

summer of love fair

**ticky tacky is participating in the silent lion troupe event, which has this set of jewellery out. they're 75L per piece (earrings, necklace, bracelet) and i'm honestly stunned by Narita's ability to make such a varied range of jewellery. The items are supposed to be available for one day only, but her item is still out, so hurry!

imabee skin at SOL - adelle in stem/medium tone, sunrise makeup. 200L. imabee at SOL fair, follow red beam

necklace and earrings: ticky tacky silent lion troupe item, still out so hurry! 75L per piece.
tattoo: free from actchio, check the blue soda bottle in the lamp.

summer of love fair: vendors such as doll, imabee, skream, a-bomb, with heavily discounted items! There are A LOT of items, something like 5 rooms of them. It's really really messy and FILLED with people, some of them half naked, but hahah for these items in particular I thought it was worth it. not all of the items there are discounted, some are exclusive... oh whatever the items i'm showing are extremely discounted hahah. direct LMs to each of the items so that you don't have to spend an hour looking for the items, which I did.

OKAY! I'm damn excited because I saw the previews of the imabee skins so three days before SOL started I was zooming around trying to figure out how to get into SOL to buy the skins haha. anyway yay I finally managed to buy them. they're exclusive makeups of imabee's new skin line - adelle in stem/medium tone, and 200L per makeup (includes dark and light brows, and a cleavage layer). I think this is generous, I might be mistaken but a lot of the other discounted skins at SOL are going for way more than that, something like 300-600L at least? Check out Lara Skins - she has a really cute makeup in all tones for 600L. anyway whooh good deal, try demos.

skream has two asdfghjkl stunning navel piercings out at SOL. i'm gonna wear these for the rest of my life haha. anyway they're 75L and 125L respectively, while skream piercings retail for as much as 300L. I think I have a hip piercing I bought for 350L or something.

A-Bomb also has these fierce studded wedges at 150L for a fatpack of colors, so I bought them - the price should go back to 300L once SOL is over. buy here, follow red beam, on the wall

AAAND most of everything else is free haha.

skream navel piercing, 75L at SOL here, follow the red beam
lime tube bra from ohmai!, white version is free. 150L for 5 colors.
tattoo: free fromactchio, blue soda bottle in lamp.
shorts: 50L from doppelganger gacha shorts at albero gachafair
to die for shoesssss. A-Bomb studded wedges, 150L for fatpack of colors (retails for 300L usually) follow red beam on wall here

plates in the background: the green floral plate and the purple bordered white plate are free from Little Boxes in the "SL House & Garden" group

There are A TON of group gifts and it's an amazing way of getting to know high-quality furniture/home/garden designers. Take the free stuff, and don't forget to buy stuff and support them!

The other plates are part of a set from the Little Boxes gacha at albero gachafair, 75L per play.

seafoam green sofa: pookea, not free but lovely.
antique lamp: this was a wonderful gift in theosophy's subscribomatic. I don't think you can redeliver it, but join the group so that you don't miss -future- group gifts!
newspaper: freebie from hobo pawnshop

lemonade poster: sculpted poster by Stitch by Stitch (Sevenstar Amat), free in "SL House & Garden" group
shopaholic chair: what next july group gift, try checking subscribo for the gift. There's also a what next welcome gift for joining the subscribo!
watermelon pose stand, soooo goood. free from true love never die in "SL House & Garden" group

blue lace top, 1L from fore.
shorts: hunt gift from willow, look for the brown wings: (hint: er.. bottom of the staircase. it's still hard even with a hint!!!!)

A-Bomb, gorgeous studded Sydd wedges: 150L for fatpack of colors, buy here at SOL fair, follow red beam, on the wall
Aglaia earrings, part of jewellery set from Summer Of Love fair

imabee at SOL fair adelle skin in midnight makeup, from SOL, 200L.
babydoll dress: group gift from fore
skream "time stops" necklace: stumblebum item, exclusive item only available this week! not free.

ticky tacky bracelet: silent lion troupe item, 75L
theosophy, my newww octopus ring, 90L.
lisp bazaar, beautiful table. gift when you join the subscribo. it comes with a lot of pretty sits.
tram flats: group gift, fatpack of colors.

All poses from doll.