Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Insert Title Here For Me Please, I Am Too Lazy To Do It Myself.

I am in love with this group gift vest from The Black Canary. I really just love vests of all sorts but this one is exceptionally well made. It also comes with a "skirt" type area to make it a full jacket but I am not wearing it in the photo.
whoa man
I also have to say I *adore* the new Cupcakes skin lines. If you are one of the few not in the Cupcakes group yet it is well worth the join fee! Right now there are several gifts for members, one of which is this skin (in several tones) from the latest line.
whoa man 1
Vest: The Black Canary, group gift
Skin: Cupcakes, group gift (join fee)
White Shirt: Musashi Do, not free
Pants: The Sea Hole, past gift (no longer free)
Belt: C'est Moi, part of a shirt in the lucky cupcake
Hair: BooN, not free
Gloves: Sn@tch, not free