Saturday, 3 July 2010


Imabee has released a new skin - Umeko, including a group freebie and hunt gift! I'm proud to share a few of the makeups in stigma and stem, a tan and a lighter tone. Brendon has always been generous with skin gifts, and he's given us a gorgeous free skin with natural makeup and no funny tattoos with the release of Umeko! He even put it right at the TP point. I love wearing asian skins in SL, so I was really excited about the release of Umeko, and it does not disappoint. I think the skin, depending on what hair you wear it with, goes all the way from pure chinese/korean to pan-asian looks! That's my opinion but Umeko is a Japanese name :) The skin's just beautiful, I'm so so so happy that he gave the most amazing freebie so that I could post it on FS hahah.

None of the photos have been edited other than cropping, and all of these photos were taken on Imabee's sim! I know you'll want to just tp in and out for the group gift skin + hunt gift, but try demos of Umeko, she really is worth it. I love being asian in SL and if you've noticed, a lot of Japanese skin makers aren't really interested in taking off their clothes lol = crayon nipples so it's hard for me to wear an asian skin as my main skin because the skin might not always show off the clothes well. With Umeko I'm gonna be asian all the time. Look at my breasts please.

Fascino is also having a 50L sale on all hair - I'm thrilled haha. Check out Fascino's group gift as well! Also some beautiful free swimsuits from A-Bomb, Doux Couture and Vliet Shapes, Vliet Shapes bikinis were blogged previously by Suri here! Thanks Suri for letting me re-wear them! :D

Don't forget - everything in A-Bomb is also marked down to 100L, while their shoes usually sell for 300L. All their shoes are texture change, so it's like buying fatpacks of colors for 100L! Clothes are even cheaper, 50L or less as it's 50% off all clothing!

**All poses from marukin, 100L for 5 poses -really blogger friendly poses. Except for #4, glitterati long hair pose!

skin: Imabee - Umeko in Stigma (tan) tone, solid gold makeup with dark brows. (not free)
tiny bird hair base worn on SL 2.0 layer: free from tiny bird!
hair: Fascino, 50L
bikini: A-Bomb subscriber, check notices for gift, comes with deck shoes! A-Bomb is also having a 50% off sale, check out their shoes especially!
nails: MStyle, not free

skin: Imabee - Umeko in Stem (pale/medium) tone, Orchid makeup with dark brows. (not free)
swimsuit: Doux Couture, check subscriber notices for gift
hair: Fascino sale, 50L

skin: Imabee - Umeko in Stem (pale/medium) tone, peach makeup with light brows and freckles. (not free)
hair: Fascino group gift, fatpack of colors, hat is texture change!
swimsuit: Vilet Shapes, 1L on the table

skin: Imabee - Umeko in Stigma (tan) tone, rainforest makeup with light brows and freckles. (not free)
swimsuit: Vilet Shapes, 1L on the table
hair: Lamb
pose: glitterati long hair pose!

Imabee group gift skin: Umeko in grass field makeup, stem(pale/medium tone)

earrings: not free but cheap at 100L haha they're exquisite. They're from Alienbear and they blinged horridly which I was absolutely appalled at, I think Alienbear made them two years ago or something hahah. Fortunately you can turn off the bling by typing "/1sp off" which I was only informed of when I asked to return the no-mod blinging earrings. anyway they are insanely detailed and a steal at 100L!

Imabee hunt gift: Umeko - underwater makeup. hint: the octopus drinks soda! BTW the octopus only has 7 tentacles lol!

madison's plurk: "BRENDON"
"your octopus only has 7 tentacles."
brendon: ".... why did you go and count the tentacles?"
wtf lol madison :D :D