Saturday, 12 June 2010

Summer Bikinis

Vilet Shapes once again open its doors, and you can get these 2 fab summer bikinis for $0L. Vilet Shapes also specializes in selling, you guessed it, shapes! I include a couple of pics below to show you how fab they look, go wild!

[VS] Free Bikinis

Bikini: [VS] ELLEN - Free bikini

[VS] Free Bikinis

Bikini: [VS] - ALLUMAH - Free bikini
Red Pants:
SF Design Cargo Cut Offs (June gift)

Other stuff worn:
Necklace & Earring: Mandala LOTUS in gold/ Sandals: from Surf Couture

Sao Tiago

[VS] -FLEUR Model Shape

[VS] - TUWA Model Shape

[VS] - HOLDA Model Shape

TP to Vilet Shapes for gifts & shapes!

Suri, xoxo