Thursday, 8 July 2010

Free and Cheap and I Want To Fall Asleep

*Zzzz* Before nap time let's do a post, shall we! I don't care what people say: I love red and pink together. Be gone haters! *Does the haters gonna hate strut down the side walk*The shoes are only 75L until midnight (or so) from A-Bomb. I know it's short notice but I blog during my baby's nap and she didn't fall asleep until 6PM *hence the tired mommy* Anyway, go get your butt down to A-Bomb and grab this deal because the shoes will be gone forever after today!
Finally just a close up of another cute lucky board skin from Mother Goose. Not a new one I don't think but it is cute and free and you want it.
Jacket and Denim Skirt: Awram-Viie, free
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky board prize
Shoes: A-Bomb, 75L until tomorrow
Hair: Tiny Bird @ Albero gacha festival, 50L gacha prize
Also worn:
Tights: Actchio
Sunglasses: Cheap Makeup
Pose: Long Awkward PoseEyes: JM:Mai
Shirt: Awram-Viie
(Sorry this little sweat pants guy got passed around plurk and the picture makes me laugh a lot!)