Wednesday, 2 June 2010

cherry cherry boom boom.

Tik Tok has a new group gift skin out - Sabrina! The body is beautiful as always, I love the included cleavage layer. 69 also has an outlet store where you can buy fatpacks of their slightly older (but still awesome!) hair for 200L! I'm still carrying the Vooner gacha bag because it is extremely awesome.

Vo Pralou of MV also has a freebie tee out, thank you Vo! I took the opportunity to buy some pretty things from MV that I've wanted for ages, definitely worth it for the quality and uniqueness!

skin: Tik Tok group gift skin, Sabrina!
Dark Mouse VIP group, free to join, dresses and this beautiful camisole in notices! I'm wearing both attachments of the waist part because I love the roses. Search for "Dark Mouse VIP" in group search.
Sunglasses on head: Beetlebones gacha, 15L!
sneakers: Picks gift from ordinary design

Not free:
shorts: Beetlebones, comes with sculpted waist part and cuffs!
bangle: LaGyo Mila bangle
Bag: Vooner art bag, soooo gorgeous.
hair: 69 outlet store, 200L for fatpack of colors!
socks: Soup gacha socks!

Hair: 69 outlet store, 200L for fatpack of colors (I bought this at full price though)
Tee: Free from MV!

Not free:
gradient skinny jeans with sculpted cuffs: 200L from MV, beautifully made. worth it!
Earrings: Ticky Tacky, new release!

Sheer camisole: Katati, free
Hair, 200L for fatpack from 69 outlet store

Not free:
MV harem pants. love! 200L
Vooner gun bag!! from gacha
lightning pasties, tintable, actchio

Showing some makeups from the Sabrina line by Tik Tok! 500L for one skin, 1.2k for a fatpack of 7 makeups. Some natural, everyday makeups! I think this is my favorite skin by Tik Tok, ever. The lavender eyeshadow is the group gift.
Hair: 69 outlet store
earrings: Ticky Tacky, lovely delicate filigree earrings! new release!
lightning pasties: 100L, tintable, and all tattoos: actchio.

All poses by doll. and photos taken in Neva's gorgeous house!