Wednesday, 7 April 2010

pookie promenade 1L pretties!

poses: all available at PDA, at Pose Fair! Will only be available at Pose Fair, so get them quick!

Pookie Promenade is open!! So excited for Sue, Anya, Tomo, Xerr, Azure and all!!!! Tomo says I'm very innocent and running around like headless chicken but really isn't it wonderful!

Pookie Promenade is basically a shopping town where some up and coming (or already up there hee) designers have placed their new mainstores. There are some exclusive items, and MANY, MANY 1L gifts for Easter! The items in the stores are also very affordable, so consider doing some shopping while you're there. The styles are a lot of florals, vintage, or plain quirky items! Also high fashion items. Really something for everyone, and entirely my style!

Another reason why I love Pookie - THE GACHAS. omg dieeee. I went and attacked some of the gachas, so much fun! (And hole in wallet)

I'm also very happy because I got to know of some new stores, so please explore a little!

jewellery: 50L for entire set at RIPE! Includes the black bangles, cherry blosson earrings and necklace :)
Shoes: 100L at Lurani!
Beetlebones 1L dress, easter gift at Pookie Promenade, will disappear in 2 weeks!
lace tights, 15L at Lurani
gloves: Miamai subscribo gift
Skin: group gift skin at Garage! (disclaimer: I'm wearing Redgrave breasts and glow studio eyeliner with it!)
Hair: Reek and Tiny Bird collaboration for Denton Shades!

Hair: BP* by BettiePage Voyager
Sweater: (wahh tomo so sexy ah) MayoNaise, Granny's sweater in beige, fatpack available (1L per color!) LOVE this sweater! Love everything with U-backs.
Leggings, Tee*fy at Pookie Promenade, 60L.
Flats: u.f.o. gacha, soooo gooood. 20L per play!
Nails: MStyle, i wear them everydayy to poke people
necklace: Paper Couture, very not free but beloved!
Hair: BP* by BettiePage Voyager

Dress: 1L from u.f.o. at Pookie Promenade! Comes with that tattoo at the bust.
Hairband: 30L from the MayoNaise gacha!
flats: 80L from Tee*fy, yays :D

hairband: 30L from the MayoNaise gacha!
Dress: 100L from u.f.o. *runs around screaming* I LOVE U.F.O.! I love these vintagey dresses and this one is perfect. I bought all the pretty floral/lacey dresses there!
socks: free from En Svale
shoes: OMGGG I played 4 times to get these ribbon flats and I finally got them!!!! YAY!!! In the color I wanted!! 20L per play at u.f.o.

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