Thursday, 8 April 2010

MORE Pookie Promenade 1L gifts!

Last two poses from Estetica at Pose Fair! (mainstore) Lots of 1L items at their Pose Fair booth, so do go visit!

earrings and necklace: RIPE at the spring bazaar
hairband: MayoNaise gacha, 30L! omg yay! GACHAAA!
leggings: Tee*fy 1L gift at Pookie
flats: 80L from Tee*fy
Sweater with U-Back, 1L (fatpack!! 1L per color) at MayoNaise
Chair: 1L from Pookea (LOL ikea!!) at Pookie, three animations! Beautifully textured. Thank you, Sue!
bangle and octopus ring by La Gyo, Gyorgyna Larnia
Skybox: Molto Bene by Annunziata Macchi, check out the textures. this skybox is actually my "store" haha!

Lamp: 1L, gorgeous, from mocha at Pookie Promenade!
military jacket: 150L, Ohmai! by Anya Ohmai at Pookie
Dress and flats, to die for but not free, Tee*fy at Pookie

Shirt, Cockles 1L item! by Xerras Azalee
Bag and highwaisted skirt, not free but cheap at Beetlebones (150L for prettyyy textured bag!)
flats and leggings: Tee*fy

HAT: cuteee hat, 10L gacha at u.f.o.!
tube top: 150L for 5 colors, at Ohmai!
shorts: OMG victorias secret shorts! 20L from u.f.o.! i can't take these off haha.
flats: OMG DIE I played the beetlebones gacha and it's 50L per try and I got FIVE of the same pair consecutively lol. kill me noooww. I advise you to go play the gacha, and if you get extras, please consider trading with me! i loveee the designs in that gacha :D
tatt: 50L from actchio.

hat: 10L from u.f.o. gacha
shirt: pink floral sweater, U back, 1L gift from MayoNaise!
Cockles dress, 180L
Tee*fy gacha leggings in purple, 30L per play :D
flats: 50L from beetlebones gacha (I got an extra of these! IM if you wanna trade! I can't believe I played 7 times and I only got two designs im so saddd. im sure you will all be luckier than me :D)
last pic: taken at Neva Seljan's beautiful house!

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