Sunday, 21 March 2010


Garage, a new store, has released a skin called Alexandra and I love the makeups! Slava Parkin also gives great gifts!

also showing the sunglasses gift from Garage, Hucci picks gifts of sequined skirts, B.O.S. free bags, a men's fur jacket and a fur stole from the JetDoll MM!

Alexandra skin by Garage in 5 makeups! not free
Lingerie: Wonderful, surprising, previous group gift from blacklisted by Gauge Laville. He gives great gifts that cannot be retrieved from subscribo, so NOW would be a good time to sign up for his subscribo group at blacklisted!
Hair: Shamelessly copied from Sileny's previous post because the hair rocks, Yuna group gift fatpack
Nails: MStyle, not free

Julia skin, group gift from Garage! Sososo pretty.
Ohmai basic tube top, free version in white is available! The packs are only 150L for 5 colors!
Hucci skirt, picks gift, changes daily. Add location to your picks, visit every day for 5 days and by the end of it, you should get 4-5 different, beautiful skirts!
Bag: Gucci bag, free from Bags of Style (check out their other beautiful bags!)
Perturb/ation necklace at Accessory Fair, not free

Sunglasses: Garage, 1L gift
Necklace: absolutely stunning group gift from Happy Finds. Group costs 300L, but she's given us a ton of quality gifts so far. She really gives wonderful gifts and is super nice!
Skirt: Hucci picks gift
Hair: Lamb

#4 & #5
Alan's wearing a fur jacket you can get from Vanity Hair and we're slouching around at home. I'm wearing the prettiest jewellery from U&R Dogs at the Accessory Fair!

you can also get these gorgeous fur stoles in black and white at JetDoll's MM board! Hurry before the board closes!


Sileny said...

Where are the awesome tattoos from? Maybe you said but I can't find it, haha.

Leilani Laval said...

yep, dito ^^

silver milneaux said...

urgh I keep forgetting to get the surl when i'm inworld, i'll drop LMs on you guys! :D

silver milneaux said...

surl to the tattoo place, radicalism! :D