Saturday, 13 March 2010

Here's My Outfit For Posing With My Bike.

There's a store-wide hunt going on right now at DeeTaleZ where you are looking for flowers (orange/yellow for girls; blue for guys). There's so many free goodies here for the scooping; in particular, these free black women's jeans with white stitching were so nicely textured that I just had to build a look around them.
How cute is this free black + yellow sporty jacket by Wave? Check out the lovely back shadowing on the yellow stripe too.
The fingerless white gloves also come from the Wave outlet, where an entire wall of goodies awaits for free or $1L. There are so many cute things here (these are just 2 of 'em). Upon entering the store, look for the "Go To Outlet" sign on the left wall; click to reach the higher outlet level (the wall of freebies is labeled as such). -- Srsly this place is like, manna from heaven for any frugalistas. The hair, eyes, scarf + poses shown here are all free or $1L as well.
This pix is 'cuz I couldn't decide which hair I liked better with this look, LOL. This lovely bob style with ribbon headband is the free hair gift by Roge, where you can change hair color, ribbon color + size via a handy menu.
Hope everyone's ready for the Relay for Life Clothing Fair this weekend. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who's doing a dance of supreme joy that it's the weekend)


Wave - .:*W.:*jacket stripe black&gold (DIRECTIONS TO OUTLET: upon entering ground level store, turn LEFT + click on "GO TO OUTLET WAVE IN THE SKY" on wall. At outlet, walk to the far green wall labeled "LATEST FREEBIES") - free
Top: DeeTaleZ - Shorty top with bra yellow 1 - hunt gift -
Jeans: DeeTaleZ - flared jeans black - hunt gift -
Scarf: Haunted Zuzu @ Accessory Fair 2010 - Proper Lace Scarf in Black - Dollarbie -
Wave - .:*W.:*glove knit colors without fingers - free
Brown hair: IrEn @ 2010 Accessory Fair - Merilyn3 (Accessory Fair Hunt gift) - free or $1L
Blonde hair: Roge - Hair49.5 (group gift) -
Eyes: HSH - Gift2010(M)-L-BROWN - lucky board prize -
Skin: Cupcakes - Allure - Nutmeg - Dark Brow - Keen (freck)
Lashes: Glow Studio - Bolder.eyelashes - She
Poses by: Purveyors of Accidental Love (join group in Search for
$0L; in Notices) - free


angeltips28 said...

Luv the biker look! I'm always boggled at how u find the best things ever! I'm not walking, but running over to grab these delights. Beautiful pics, luv the two hairstyles, I often can't decide myself with so many great options here. You look beautiful!

Tesh said...

*smooooches Angeltips* Thank you so much for the kind words!! It's seriously nice to know someone likes any of my looks, LOL :O))) xoxoxo