Saturday, 13 March 2010

I should be so lucky.

hi! I just bought both colors of the tiny bird 50L friday hair haha. gorgeous! they're made specially to go with the Reek! shades, so you have the option of wearing the shades on your head. The Reek! Denton Shades are out in a special 4-color pack for 50L, too. hurry and get them if you haven't yet! I'm seriously damn excited about these shades AND the hair that is in one of my favorite pile-up-on-head real life styles.

ROHANT is a new store with the green robot paw out for 0L and the shoes I'm wearing are out in a purple with ribbons version out for 1L for a limited time, do check out the store. they have a pretty skin for 400L and my favorite item is their futuro outfit's metallic silver robot leggings!

The Broadway to Hollywood earrings are a 10L hunt cheapie from Bliensen + MaiTai and the face piercing which I modded into an inappropriate belly piercing is the hunt gift from !Syds! at Accessory Fair. Both are really beautiful, worth getting. The lip ring is also free from skream! at the accessory fair!

The crop tee from rbcg. is another group gift I've wanted to share for awhile, get it in their subscribo. Kyrsten is super generous with gifts, makes cool new things and doesn't send many notices, so you should stay in her group. The crop tees are only 60L, so get those too!

The low-cut jeans are a unisex gift that Alan tp-ed me to get, so thanks! from A&C designs, comes with prim cuffs. A&C items are really sexy!

Lucky tattoo: The Habitat by Till Hapmouche
Calculator watch: Reek! 6 different color change parts
Nails: MStyle sharp nails, I wear these as often as I can!
P.S. I'm very sorry that I can't show the ROHANT purple ribbon 1L shoes because I tried to rezz them in the store, but the ribbon sculpts don't seem to rezz for me which makes me sad! I relogged and cleared cache but to no avail :/

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