Sunday, 3 January 2010

"xing" tian di

on Xing:
SAIKIN group gift, xmas gift vneck, comes with sculpted waist and belt attached, still available. hurry get it before it's gone!
grasp group gift skull necklace and ring
luck inc finger tape, free. direct surl to finger tape here

not free:
hair from CheerNO, Zion in Beach. the bandana changes colors
madsy acidwashed jeans
gainsbourg bag from NULL

on Xing:
amazing CheerNo CossackHat in Red, prize from Jingle Bell Hunt. surl to CheerNo hint: WHITE CHAIR. not hard! hurry, it's still there.
zenith fashions group gift shirt+sweater with prim collar and cuffs
bracelet: grasp group gift

grey jeans: NachtMusik, 10L for a blazer and the jeans, whole outfit (GREAT stuff!) (outfit is called nM sleek silver outfit)

dark red plaid stole, TazzMania, 30L

gloves: CheerNo Brilliant Gloves, worn without gems (beautifully textured,options for full/fingerless and 5 different gem colors)


Sileny said...


Suri Christen said...

Takeshi has some serious competition! This avi is cute!!!!!!
Say.....are you single???

rayearth2601 said...

waw, that's great

silver milneaux said...

*coughs* if you have me, can i have takeshi???? :D

hey you know ding said i look a bit like takeshi and i felt so guilty eep! no one can come close to suri+take!! <3<3

Suri Christen said...

Naw you have your own style! Both looks great :)