Sunday, 3 January 2010

Kitsune Retirement Sale

This sale is now over, I hope some of you got to it in time! Sorry I couldn't get the message to you sooner!

Second Edit: Just got the following in my offlines-
"The object 'Kitsune Couture Updates' has sent you a message from Second Life:
Hey guys! Ive finished rebuilding my store and Im open again! For you who didnt make it to the sale, Ive left a box of clothes by the sofas that includes clothes that were not in the store. There is also 5 hairs for sale. Come check it out :) xoxo Niennra

= Kitsune Couture Updates is owned by Niennra Kitsune"
-------------- End of Edits :P

I stole this picture off of my personal blog because I am short on time :P Kitsune Couture is having a sale on all their clothes, everything 10L-20L. The sale is only on for a few more hours (I am posting this at 6:14a.m. SLT) so if you want any of the clothes go get them now! The dress in the picture below is from Kitsune Couture!
The store is not *closing* they are just getting rid of ALL of the clothes and sticking to just hair.
Kitsune Couture is HERE.


Bunnie said...

Where did the leggings/tights come from? I love them! <3

Bunnie said...

Not sure how long the sale was on for, but its gone now. Lame to the extreme. Guess that's what I get for having a RL too.

Sileny said...

The tights come from Sn@tch and yeah I was really happy to happen to log on at almost the last minute. I'll make a note so folks know it's done now. There are still some freebie floating around there I think though, like the snow flake hunt, etc.