Friday, 8 January 2010

The Adventures of Miss Crabtree, Chapter 1

Miss Crabtree timidly stood at the door of Mr. Shuffle's office.  Being the new girl in the steno pool,  she was eager to impress her boss with her skills.  The other girls twittered amongst themselves when they got word that Miss Crabtree was already being called to their boss's office, though a few others glared.  She had recently moved to the city from her family's home in Poughkeepsie to begin acting school and she really needed this job.  Mother had warned her that there the big city was no place for a single girl but Miss Crabtree was determined to succeed and become a star, like her idol Grace Kelly.  Anxiously she knocked on her boss's door and waited.  "Please come in, Miss Crabtree", he said in an authoritarian voice.  Mr. Shuffle sat at his desk smoking a fine Cuban cigar.  Behind him was a view of downtown as well as photos of his family.  She stood there paper and pen ready, waiting for him to ask her to sit and begin work.  "Now come closer, Miss Crabtree...".

Outfit: Baby Monkey.  The perfectly crafted pencil skirt is a group gift to Baby Monkey members.  Hours were spent creating multiple layers and lining up the seams.  Other colors as well as a belted style are available for a meager 50 L.  The pink blouse is free as a picks reward.  The argyle top is one of 3 available to all.  The new Sasha shoes are a dream.  Not free but menu driven for color change of shoe, heel/base, toenail options.  I am so impressed with the new line so please check it out.
Accessories: Deco: Memories necklace and Cat's Meow glasses
Hair: Cassie: not free
Skin: Tuli: Eva: group gift (250 L join fee)