Monday, 18 January 2010

Poor Sasha

I needed a good excuse to tell you that Cupcakes has dropped their join fee for one week.  This began on Sunday so you still have several days to get in.  Rosemary Galbraith and Mimi Coral did not fail me and they never do.  I absolutely love their skin and show it quite often.  They just gave the group some hilarious drunken and hungover skin, which I'm showing you below.  Since you can join for free for a week, head over to Maitreya, where there is a pre-release sale of the new Sasha hair for only 50 L each.  All proceeds benefit Red Cross efforts to provide assistance to victims of the Haitian Earthquake so you can look fab and do good.  This is definitely a hair that many men could pull off too!

Skin: Cupcakes: Diamond in Cameo - Drunk: Group Gift: no join fee for a week
Hair: Maitreya: Sasha Bistre: 50 L to benefit Red Cross

Skin: Cupcakes: Diamond in Cameo - Hungover: same deal. free with free join. hurry
Hair: Maitreya: Sasha Ash Blond: same deal here too
Robot: DooDads: Pinkie Bot for mouth: 1L with lots of other (nondollarbie) robot love items because Paisley is just that talented.

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