Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Let Us Unite

We are the light of the world positioned to make it better
Just a little consideration can take your brother from the gutter
Hopelessness and despair was what they were fed
And the impulse to survive was how they were led
Where is the love?
- Astell Collins

Let us unite and help Haiti through this disaster. Many designers are lending out their help by putting out pieces of their creations to sell. All proceeds will go to the relief fund for the red cross. I have not been the most active brain in sl and I only just managed to complete a set of poses to put up for contribution.

It is a re-newal version of my "Acrobats" poses, with a couple more added into the collection. I have changed the name of it to "Honey" (I make random names up for my poses), u can try them in Scribble along with a second item I have put to sell:


[doll.] HONEY poses fatpack, $150L (13 poses set) @ Scribble:

The second item I put out specially for this relief mission is my shape. For all my SL life I have guarded my shape with fierce attitude, but now I am putting my beloved Suri shape up for sale. Every linden will help the Haiti victims, it's time I stop being vain for a while :P

These items are not avaliable at my store so please visit Scribble to get it!

[doll.] The Suri Shape

[doll]. The Suri Shape @ Scribble:

Have a great day!
Suri, xoxo


Sileny said...

Oh my God Suri you're shape? That is so sweet, you are seriously going to make me cry!!

Suri Christen said...

why are u crying!? Come here...*Hugs*

Sileny said...

Because it's so sweet, we know how much you love your shape so selling it is a huge gesture!

Nisaa Genira said...

Hi Suri, thanks for the post. How does a merchant set up a donation like this?

Suri Christen said...

Nisaa, you can contact Radio Signals for more details!


silver milneaux said...

ya OMG I seriously went OMG that you're selling your shape, heh. wow! that's really generous of you and I hope that many people are encouraged to donate to the haiti fund!

i love the chinese wa wa in your doll logo :D

Suri Christen said...

Thank you all for your comments, I hope you have visited Scribble and bought a couple of things~~~

Eden Knoller said...

Lovely Suri.. I've bought about a million things there trying to do my part.

Maeve said...

Suri, is your shape still available for sale? I went to the Scribble shop a few days ago but there seems to be nothing there now