Saturday, 19 December 2009

Knitwear and Bare Thighs: A retrospective of sorts.

When I decided I wanted to show the gorgeous Truth Subscribo gift, I had been offline for a few days and didn't realise one of our own had already shown it. How could I have been so niave? How could Free*Style have NOT shown the dress? It's superfantastical. Therefore I'll show it again.

Exploration of the new LeLutka build found the perfect op for showing off the new Aoharu group gifts. And get naked in a church.
Excuse the nipples, if that isn't your thing. As Britney says, Living in Sin, is the new thing. Enjoy.

Aoharu Group Gift
Aoharu Knit Leg Warmer Boots in Christmas (Group Gift)
Aoharu Knit Scarf G2 (Group Scarf)

Aoharu Group Gift

Aoharu Leather Jacket in Drak Green (Group Gift)
Armidi Jeans (Not free)

Aoharu Group Gift

Aoharu KnitScarf G2 (Group Gift)
Seldom Blue Christmas Kira Lingerie (Group Gift)

AOHARU Group Gift
Aoharu Check Shirt Dress in Red [Worn without skirt prim] (Group Gift)

Aoharu Group Gift

Aoharu Merry Christmas Sweater (Group Gift)

Hair by Maitreya
Skin by Tulli
Lingerie by Seldom Blue
Gifts by Aoharu

Dress of the season: Truth Holly dress from the Subscribo Kiosk.
Why: Please, just look at it.
Truth Group Freebie

Worn is one of Tulli's newest skin releases, from the For Your Lips Only. I am in love with these skins. Try a demo and see what I mean.

Tulli Newest SKin Release

Hair by Lamb
Skin by Tulli
Eyes by Poetic Colors
Eyelashes by Pididdle
Dress by Truth


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