Monday, 14 December 2009

Killing Zombies Makes Trees Pop Out Sometimes

My favorite event in all of SL last year was the zombie killing Christmas event. I actually don't even remember what the prizes were because this event is so much more than the prizes. It's seriously FUN! Not many things in SL, structured event wise, are that fun anymore. You can only do so many hunts, go to so many clubs, and abuse gestures in so many stores before everything becomes ho hum. The zombie event is genuinely good times though!Dress, Skin, and Boots: R2, zombie event prize

Basically what you do is go to the event starting point. Click the oh so sad reindeer for information. He is sad because someone turned Santa into zombies and now there will be no Christmas!! It's up to you to "purify" the Santas to save Christmas. Buy the male or female outfit box (whatever floats your boat :P) and wear. Resize your hair/hat to fit correctly then delete the script. Wearing the outfit adds to the fun and goofiness and reduces the lag for everyone. Grab the free pillow/weapon and TP to either the Love Soul or Nipponbashi sim.Hair: Love Soul, zombie event prize

When you see a zombie (they are all OUTSIDE of the stores, not inside) get close and click the ground. You will pillow smack them to death. They will either contain a prize-giving Christmas tree or they'll just fall flat and disappear. If there is a prize inside you don't have to click it or anything, it will automatically be sent to you. Only a small portion of zombies hold a prize. Seriously, a SMALL portion. I was at it for around five hours and got barely over half the gifts.Outfit One: The special default zombie purifying outift
Outfit Two (Male version also available): Strawberry Milk, zombie event prize
Red Dress: Parallel Love, zombie event prize

The gifts come in the form of a boxed ticket. Inside the box is a voucher you wear, a long with the LM to the store where the gift is located. Where the voucher, touch the sign in store, and voila! the prize is yours. Some of the prize tickets are actually vouchers for weapons which you can use to more efficiently kill the zombies.Necklace (w/matching earrings): Love Soul, zombie event prize
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, not free

Now you know how to do it, so go! Like I said, I only got a little over half the prizes, so what you are seeing is only a portion of what is available. Go HERE to see all the prizes! Then go HERE to grab your starter gear!

P.S.- You have to go to BOTH sims to get all of the prizes :P

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