Friday, 11 December 2009

Holy MotherFunking Shoes!!!

Here in Creamy's Hotel For Wayward Freebie Bloggers we enjoy many different types of fashion and have many different opinions on all things in general. One thing we can all agree on, however, is the love of a fabulous pair of shoes. And when the shoes are free or really cheap? Well, we love them even more. I have eight pictures to show you so the words will be minimal in order to conserve space. Here we go!
Lace Up Boots: J's, group freebie in store, click Santa to receive. Men's version also.
Black Ankle Boots: CoCo, group gift in noticesBrown Ankle Boots: CoCo, group gift in noticesRed Ankle Boots: CoCo, group gift in noticesWinter Boots: Duh!, DTCH giftColor Change Heels: A-Bomb, 100L Twisted Krissmuss special (Transferable!!)Suede Fringe Ankle Boots: *RRS*, DTCH gift @ Mix and MatchKnee High Boots: Casa Del Shai, 50L Friday special price TODAY ONLY

Not Free:
Skin: Tuli (For Your Eyes Only new release)
Hair: BP (not sure if still for sale)
Bikini: Cupcakes (Currently a 50% off giftcard sale!)


Xochitl said...

yay free boots tytyty!

Eden Knoller said...

Love the set up for the shots! <3

Sileny said...

Thanks! I forgot to credit them but all the poses are from Pretzel Poses, I'll fix that in a bit. They were free at one point, not sure if they still are.

Creamy Cooljoke said...

seriously creaming my pants over these shoes - sorry TMI *blush*

Sileny said...

/me gets out the mop and bucket.

Renee Harvy (Duh!) said...

Thanks for the nod, and I love the way you are showing them :) I can't believe how many fabo boots I've gotten this week!

silver milneaux said...

i luffff the Js boots!