Thursday, 12 November 2009

mijn.t is going on XMAS time so soon!

Hello again! I'm Mijn! so today I wanna share mijn.t xmas freebie. mijn.t is my little and new-born store and I decide that in the store there will be always some freebie for you! For now, and ONLY 'till XMAS night my items in red color are sale at 1L! and I put out another freebie blue. Don't ask me why the blue, I liked it sooooo mcuh! LOL.
As always I talk too much, right? Well here it is, mijn.t for you:

*free* n.3

ME #1 (left)
pants: mijn.t [VINTAGE MONDAY] pants - RED

ME #2 (right)
bodysuit: mijn.t [PEPE IS MY CAT] bodysuit - RED

free (in both ME)
eyeglasses: mijn.t [LOSTING LOLITA] eyeglasses - RED (there is another freebie in blue)
eyes: ::EbiEyes:: GlassyEyes Green (the best freebie eyes in SL for me)

not free (in both ME)
skin: (Milk Motion) Colette skin - red lips (teeth)
hair: !lamb. Poppyseed - Kit Kat
shoes: (Milk Motion) my leather boots

not free (in ME n.1 - left)
shirt: part of This is a Fawn - String Dress [black]

unfortunly sold out freebie:
hat: ::EbiSkin:: Christmas freebie hat

so here there are the SLurl only for the freebie!
- mijn.t store 1
- mijn.t store 2 (choose you where to go!)
- ::EbiShop::


Antimony Battery said...

All sounds very exciting, but, at all 3 locations I've encountered a befuddled mob wondering where the store is. Has the creator pulled up stakes or something?

Free said...

The store in Slaughter City should be at:

At least, it was there this morning. :)

Kat said...

I noticed that my group giftie Christmas tree was put in the background of this picture, and it prompted me to send it out again to my group for this year! It can now be found, for those wanting it, in the Sanu system group archives. I will probably send it out to the subscription group later on, when I have some time.

Mijn Seoung said...

awww ty!! I love that Sanu tree! so, happy girls, an happy gift from Sanu too!

btw the LMs of mijn.t store or the EbiSHop is not right?

Creamy Cooljoke said...

ohhhh so sweet, great gifts Mijn. Thank you <3