Monday, 9 November 2009

Camp, Me?

Ms. Putrid Gloom of Show Me On The Doll is having issues with the build for her new store, so she has opened up a temporary store at Slaughter City.  She is has a special on two of her items through the end of the week: the Off With Her Head dress and the Tippy Toe Boots in Bloody Black. The freakishly talented Evangeline Schism of Schismphrenic has launched a new skin line that I call her Camp Vamp line. Until Saturday the skins are only 30 L.  I added the clever Doll Horns from Rotten Toe, to complete the look.

Dress: SMODT: Off With Her Head: 25 L thru the end of the week
Boots: SMODT: Tippy Toe Boots in Bloody Black: 10 L thru the end of the week
Hair: SMODT: Coney Island Baby in Redrum: 1 L
Skin: Schismphrenic: Rita: 30 L until Saturday
Horns: Rotten Toe: Doll Horns: Group Gift

Evangeline never plays it straight, which I love about her.  I would be extremely concerned if she went mainstream on me.  The wicked brows give the skin an over-the-top 1940's film star effect.

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Ruina Kessel said...

Eva skins are WIN! Gorgeous post! <3