Saturday, 31 October 2009

Go Fast!

Wanted to make sure you all got the dress from Exclusiva before it's gone!!!

The workmanship on this dress is just impeccable. It is one you will want in your inventory forever. Makes me feel all rock star awesome, so now you know why I have the super cool microphone, haha.

And those boots, BTW, are also free!! From MAITREYA!?!?!!!!!! YAY!! Subscribo gift, go grab them while you can.
Free ( most for a limited time only so hurry!):
Dress w/Spider Attachments: Exclusiva
Boots: Maitreya, subscribo gift
Skin: &Bean, previously blogged

Not Free:
Hair: Lamb, (was a subscribo gift that was blogged previously, don't think it is still available but I will check and make sure)
Vintage Microphone w/Poses: CnS


Nereisse Aluveaux said...

You have only one leg!

Just saying... I'm not against one legged people..

Sileny said...

ROFL! it does look like that doesn't it? I assure you there is a lower portion of leg hiding back there somewhere though, just a bad angle I guess, haha.

Sileny said...

Catty Loon took a good picture of that pose where you can see more than 1 1/2 legs here if you want to check it out:

Fashion is back in sl said...

these shoes are too CUTE!