Wednesday, 24 December 2008

red delicious.

marathon cooking for christmas has pwned me so hard all i want to do is collapse in a sobbing slobbering heap. that or get to work on tomorrow's hangover... but i had to share a few things real quick like, even if my brain doesn't want to come up with any words.

one! ornamental life's hippogroup subscribo-ish thingy gave me a loverly red dress! also worn (but not shown off very well, i apologize) is a delicate silver in-store gift necklace from violet voltaire:

two! join the itutu group and check the archives for this darling gift from dp yumyum:

three! michami's got some pretty lingerie available in red and green versions through january 1st:

time to totes plotz! merry holidays guys. <3

stuff and things
picture #1: dress - ornamental life (hippogroup gift, click sign in-store and check notice archives); necklace - violet voltaire (part of instore gift, earrings also included)

picture #2: dress - dp yumyum (itutu group gift)

picture #3: lingerie - michami (subscribo gift)

not free, all pictures: hair - 69; skin - curio