Wednesday, 24 December 2008


sneaking on to nudge yall starlust-ward, there are ooooooooodles of free/1L goodies under the dreamboat-covered tree in the lobby! so many, in fact, that i need to apologize to all the creators whose awesome stuff i left out of my post... i'm rushing around like a crazy person in all lives and have only featured the few things i jammed into one shot here. figue 8's noob nativity, toastface's "santa claus is my homeboy" shirt, shabby flamingo's ho ho ho chair, the nummy *cough olivia cough* pixel dust hair, the twosome owl leggings, and [shut-in]'s wee wizard of oz inspired skybox (yes you can drop your own picture in the window in case you don't want to look out at the starlust, though i can't possibly imagine why you wouldn't want that breathtaking view all the goddamn time) can all be found there:

the kitschy cute electric menorah is a gift from the tableau society for well-being group -- just click it to light. now all i need is a ginormous pile of latkes and some lethally boozy eggnog and my night will be complete.

i leave you with the only christmas song i'll ever need:

stuff and things
free: pretty much everything but the menorah - the starlust hotel; electric menorah - tableau society for well being group gift
not free: skin - curio; shoes - sweetest goodbye csr prize

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Anonymous said...

Those PJs are fucking adorable!